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The Prior Hypothesis at the first Edinburgh Conversation

29 Nov 2017

New discussion about The Prior Hypothesis, a new model of fluid balance and exchange.

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OHCA Data Linkage Report produced by RRG

29 Aug 2017

The unique health data architecture in Scotland allows data from a range of discrete sources to be linked, enabling a powerful perspective on OHCA.

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Our Projects

3RU – Resuscitation Rapid Response Unit

A squad of 12 paramedics from the Scottish Ambulance Service make up 3RU.

Anatomy of a 999 call

What can we do to make the diagnosis of OHCA as fast and accurate as possible, and how do we get to CPR quickly?

Communication as a make or break factor in resuscitation

Postgrad linguistics Ernisa Marzuki is studying communication as a make or break factor in resuscitation by high performance teams

Improving non-technical skills performance in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

A project to investigate the association between non-technical skills performance and technical performance during OHCA resuscitation

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